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HGH Gen-Tropin AQx

30iu kit - 3ml single HGH cartridge

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HGH Gen-Tropin AQx
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Gen-Tropin AQx

Gen-Tropin AQx is a recombinant human growth hormone product [Somatropin (rDNA origin)], manufactured by Bio-Gen Pharma, China. Gen-Tropin AQx is produced using recombinant DNA technology via bacterial (E. coli) expression system, and is identical to the endogenous HGH. Gen-Tropin AQx is prepared in a ready to use liquid formulation and supplied in boxes of 5 × 3ml cartridges. Each cartridge contains 10mg (30IU) of rHGH in a sterile stable liquid formulation and is printed with storage, safety and contact information. Cartridges are sealed in plastic tray in sets of 5. Gen-Tropin AQx is available by prescription only.

Gen-Tropin AQx is indicated in adults with insufficient growth hormone production due to brain surgery, radiation therapy, trauma, diseases of pituitary or hypothalamus, or other causes. In addition, Gen-Tropin AQx is prescribed for children and teenagers with growth failure caused by GHD (Growth Hormone Deficiency), Chronic Renal Insufficiency (CRI), Turner’s syndrome or those with SGA –born small for gestational age.

Safety Information

Gen-Tropin AQx growth hormone is contraindicated and should NOT be used:

  • In paediatric patients with closed growth plates (epiphyses)
  • In patients with active proliferative or severe non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy
  • In patients with tumours
  • In patients with pre-existing or active malignancies
  • In patients with complications after open heart or abdominal surgery or those with acute respiratory failure
  • In severely obese patients or those suffering from respiratory impairment
  • In patients with Prader-Willi syndrome


Paediatric Patients

Children with pre-existing endocrine disorders may experience slipped femoral epiphysis. Those with CRI should be examined for renal osteodystrophy. Also, paediatric patients with scoliosis should be closely monitored for progression of scoliosis during treatment with Gen-Tropin AQx.  

Adult Patients

In rare instances Gen-Tropin AQx therapy may cause fluid retention, arthralgia, carpal tunnel syndrome and other joint disorders.

Additional Safety Information

  • Gen-Tropin AQx therapy may cause glucose intolerance therefore, diabetic patients should closely monitor their blood sugar
  • Injection sites may become sore and itchy
  • Patients with history of tumours should be examined regularly for re-occurrence
  • Those undergoing treatment with anti-hyperglycaemic drugs may require dose adjustment
  • In rare cases, Somatropin may cause an increase in intracranial blood pressure which presents with headaches nausea, vomiting and visual changes
  • IGF-1 levels may become elevated in pubertal patients during treatment with Gen-Tropin AQx; in such cases dose should be adjusted accordingly
  • Patients with hypopituitarism may require their treatment adjusted during the Gen-Tropin AQx therapy. Their thyroid function should be also periodically tested
  • Injection sites should be rotated to avoid subcutaneous fat tissue atrophy
  • Some people may be allergic to Gen-Tropin AQx ingredients
  • Women undergoing oestrogen replacement therapy may require larger doses of Gen-Tropin AQx
  • Pregnant and breast-feeding women should avoid using GH
  • rHGH may cause adverse reactions: oedema, carpal tunnel syndrome, joint disorders, gynecomastia and in rare cases pancreatitis


Drug Interaction

Doctors may need to adjust pre-existing treatment (or Gen-Tropin AQx dosage) if the patient:

  • Is using agents metabolized by CP450 liver enzymes
  • Is a child with a concomitant GH and glucocorticoid deficiencies, and undergoing glucocorticoid replacement therapy (to avoid both hypoadrenalism and an inhibitory effect on growth)
  • Has a previously undiagnosed central (secondary) hypoadrenalism; those may require glucocorticoid replacement therapy as well as rHGH dosage adjustment


Side Effects

  • Allergic reaction
  • Ongoing injection site discomfort
  • Pain in the wrist (carpal tunnel)
  • Curvature of the spine (scoliosis)
  • Joint pain
  • Puffy hands and/or feet (fluid retention)
  • Changes in vision, a bad headache, or nausea
  • Hip or knee pain
  • Limping


Stability and Storage

Gen-Tropin AQx should be refrigerated at 2°-8°C (36° to 46°F) at all times. DO NOT freeze. Once opened should be used within 30 days. Gen-Tropin AQx cartridges are light-sensitive, therefore, should be kept away from light, preferably in a box. If used with a pen cartridge should not be removed, unless empty. Loaded pen should be kept in the refrigerator and removed for administration only.

Although Gen-Tropin AQx is formulated to be stable at room temperature, during travel, cartridges or loaded devices are advised to be kept at 2°-8°C in the appropriate cooling case. Sometimes, after extended refrigeration small colourless particles of protein may appear in the solution. This is not unusual, and does not indicate reduced potency of medication.  If that happens, allow cartridge to reach room temperature and gently tip up and over.

For more information, please visit: Gen-Tropin AQx - Human Growth Hormone  (HGH)

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) profile:

Human growth hormone - hGH or somatropin is a protein hormone that is synthesized in pituitary gland at the base of the brain. This hormone controls growth and stature. Preparations of hGH are used to treat children with “hypopituitary  dwarfism”, a congenital disease in which the pituitary fails to secrete sufficient hGH for normal growth. This hormone cannot be administered orally, but must be injected. The standard dose is 0.5-0.9IU/kg body weight per week. In addition hGH has therapeutics value in the treatment of a range of other diseases, particularly those associated with aging, and wound healing.


Just received my order

Customer service is great and my order was shipped promptly and received as shown on the website. Looking forward to trying this, I get tested and will send a follow up review in a couple of months!

Only giving 4 stars in lieu of 5 because I haven't tried this yet. Once I do and my tests come back I will update with 5 stars


Just received my order

Customer service is great and my order was shipped promptly and received as shown on the website. Looking forward to trying this, I get tested and will send a follow up review in a couple of months!

Only giving 4 stars in lieu of 5 because I haven't tried this yet. Once I do and my tests come back I will update with 5 stars


Gen-Tropin AQX

Great Product have been using Pfizer genotropin before this and can honestly say the effects are pretty much on par, reliable company, package is discreet.


HGH Gen-Tropin AQX

Good product and reliable people to do business with all good.


I bought 2 the first time and I bought other 2 pen

I feel it's work the first 2 weeks I start lose weight and I find out I'm losing fat so it's work happy with it and fast shipping.


Mixed feelings - fake?

I heard there are a lot of fakes around.
I havent seen many symptoms, so I will get my levels tested and find out.


Top quality

Thanks again


Good quality gen

Excellent customer service and good product thanks guys



Which niddle is good for use this pen


HGH Gen-Tropin AQx

Have been using Hygetropin for a while so decided to try this for a change and for ease of use no mixing.
Will not be using any other hgh in future really like this product and seeing good results.
Add the excellent service from BHO and its all good better than good really.

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